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What is Serverless Architechture

TL;DR – There is a server. It is not a “my-on-premises-Linux-box” kind of server, but there is one at the end. Perhaps it is just not yours and looks and feels a little bit different from the developer’s perspective.   … Continue reading

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How to work with XML?

TL;DR – When you are asked what is the right way of working with an XML file, remember, there is no 1 right way! Another good header for this post might have been “The test that stumped them all“. Lately … Continue reading

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Finalizers are bad (or just dangerous)

TL;DR – Avoid Finalizers when possible! Today i want to talk about the Finalization of objects in the .NET framework. I find this subject important because one simple mistake in your Finalizer may get you in to a lot of … Continue reading

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Your benchmarks are so wrong!

TL;DR – If you are measuring a relative execution time of 2 pieces of code, make sure to run under the Visual Studio debugger. Disclaimer: this post is relevant to Visual Studio debugger. I did not check it on other … Continue reading

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Performance miracles of ToString()

TL;DR – When printing primitive types (like int32 etc…) consider using a ToString() method for much (much!) better performance. TL;DR2 – Some people should stop using the terms “Boxing”/”Unboxing” whenever they can’t explain something. Background A couple of days ago … Continue reading

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