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Self-Hosted Web Api testing with Owin/Katana

TL;DR – You don’t really need IIS to perform full automation testing to your web project. Today I want to show you how I am testing my ASP.NET WebApi services without IIS by using OWIN/Katana. Download source code from my GitHub … Continue reading

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Welcome C# Interactive Window (or: Visual Studio Debugging Tips – #4)

TL;DR – Once you try the C# Interactive Window, you will never run another Console App just to try out an API. You know how they say that if the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks … Continue reading

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Source Server with Git Repository

Update [29.9.2016] – Due to numerous emails, I wanted to post the exact command I used in my Continuous Integration builds:   TL;DR – How I enabled “Source Server” support for an internal Git repository for any Git provider even … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Debugging Tips – #2

TL;DR – Find out how your application is locating, resolving and loading your dependencies using FusionLogs and fuslogvw.exe   Motivation: We love black boxes. I don’t mean actual black boxes, but rather software components that provide us with some sort of … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Debugging Tips – #1

TL;DR – In Visual Studio, you can ‘pin’ an object instance and inspect its state at any point during the lifetime of your application and even using the pinned object as a breakpoint condition.   It has been a long time … Continue reading

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Dangers of the ‘nameof’ Operator (c#)

TL;DR – The are hidden dangers in the ‘nameof’ operator in c# 6.   Lately I have witnessed developers use new features that were presented in c# 6. My problem is not with using the new features, but with developers blindly … Continue reading

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.NET Core – Everything u wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)

TL;DR – Microsoft is pushing for the cloud. Their cloud. .NET Core 1.0 is a mean to lure all developers to Azure by abandoning the Windows dependency.   (image from Scott Hanselman’s blog here)   Background: Lets travel exactly 14 … Continue reading

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