NuGet restore failed – Asp.Net Core

After battling with this for an hour, i though this might help anyone with the same problem. I am not entirely sure how this fixed the problem, but it did.


After updating the NuGet package manager, i created a simple Asp.NET Core 1.0 project and tried to compile it. This resulted in multiple errors that looked like this:


“NuGet restore failed. Response status code does not indicate success: 404… “


I added another API endpoint for NuGet to search for packages, and it did the trick.
The URL is:


NOTE: If you are using any private repositories that are currently unavailable within your network, then you might need to disable them in Visual Studio NuGet feeds settings.


As i understand, this is the URL you should use for NuGet v3 and Visual Studio 2015.

I updated to NuGet v3 but did not add the additional repository URL.



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